HGV Questions & Answers

Below are some of the questions we’re regularly asked. If there is anything else you would like to know please call us on 0800 970 8447.

Why should I choose Easy As HGV?

Easy As HGV have over 45 locations throughout the UK, where we can offer the highest level of HGV Training. Call the team today on 0800 970 8447 to find your closest location. HGV Training with Easy As HGV could not be easier.

Which HGV licence do I apply for?

Call our team of HGV Training advisers free on 0800 970 8447, to discuss the different licences available to you.

Where will I train with Easy As HGV?

We have over 45 training centres nationwide so there is bound to be one near to you - call us FREE on 0800 970 8447 and we will locate your nearest centre.

How can I practice my HGV Theory test with Easy As HGV?

You can practice your HGV Theory test online by going to http://www.dvsa.gov.uk

Also, once registered on a HGV Training course with Easy As HGV, we will give you a unique username and password to practice online for 90 days. Call us today on 0800 970 8447.

How can I pay Easy As HGV for my course?

Call us FREE on 0800 970 8447 and we'll run through all the payment options.

Can I really earn £600 a week as an HGV driver, after training with Easy As HGV?

Yes you can. For experienced HGV drivers, £600 a week is pretty standard as a 'C + E' driver.

Will I get a job after my HGV Training?

Easy As HGV have a library of HGV jobs available for you to browse through, right here on our website. Also Easy As HGV offer a 2 day course to ensure that you are ready to go straight into this exciting career.