HGV Jobs in Yorkshire & Humber

If you’re hunting for HGV jobs in the Yorkshire & Humber area, then our search pages will give you a comprehensive breakdown of what’s available close to you.

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HGV Jobs in Yorkshire & Humber

With a heavy influence in the UK’s food production market and quick motorway links to both the north and south of England, Yorkshire & Humber offers some great opportunities for HGV and LGV drivers.

yorkshire and humberAbout Yorkshire & Humber

Yorkshire & Humber is made up of North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire, East Riding of Yorkshire and Kingston Upon Hull. There are also two well established airports in the area, Leeds Bradford International airport and Donaster Sheffield airport.

With over 5 million people living in this the Yorkshire & Humber region, it has a population similar to that of Ireland, Greece or Norway! Despite the large quantity of residents in the area, logistics and haulage jobs are still readily available due that fact that a large number of the population are either still attending, or working at, one of the three universities in the area.

The City of Leeds is the most affluent part of Yorkshire & Humber. With easy access to the A1 (heading north) or M1 (heading South) it is a hotspot for large companies such as HSBC, Direct Line and Green Flag to set up their head offices. There is a large RAF presence in North Yorkshire with several base camps and training grounds, Steelwork is smelted in Scunthorpe by one of Europe’s leading steel companies and across the region food production and supermarket brands have a large presence.

There are a huge amount of food production plants in the area, to many to really name! And who can blame them, situated so close to the M1 / A1 corridor it is the perfect location. These companies provide countless jobs not only in the factories themselves but also on the roads. A few of the larger food production companies in the area include:

  • Golden Wonder
  • Esca Food Solutions (McDonalds Beef Patties)
  • Nestle
  • KP
  • Aunt Bessie’s
  • Fox’s Biscuits
  • Coca-Cola UK
  • Cadbury UK (Gum & Liquorice division)
  • Mr Kipling
  • Haribo
  • Dr Oetker

With all these food production plants in the area, is it any wonder that many supermarket chains such as Asda, Morrisons and Costcutter have their main offices and hubs in this area too?

As well as food production, there is also a high level of smaller product manufacturing in the area, several companies produce and ship products such as:

  • Domestic boilers
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Solar thermal water heaters
  • Float glass
  • Measuring instruments
  • Automotive parts
  • Set-top boxes
  • Trouser presses
  • Razor blades
  • Garden tools
  • Domestic radiators

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Types of HGV jobs available in Yorkshire & Humber

With such a large amount of food production in the area supermarket delivery drivers are in high demand. The food needs to be shipped not just to the local supermarkets but also to supermarket storage facilities in other areas, ready for transfer to those supermarkets in due course. This type of work is good if you are looking to run similar loads along similar routes, working a standard day rather than having to worry about where you are going and how long you will be gone. This would be well suited to people with family commitments.

Tata Steel in Scunthorpe is the second largest steel-works in Europe. They smelt steel and produce a variety of products for rail, engineering and construction as well as the distribution of steel for use by building companies. This company provides a lot of work to the area including HGV drivers. Once produced for purpose the steel needs to be transferred safely and securely to the client, with a lot of high powered clients ordering constantly this steel works is constantly busy and therefore needs constant collections and deliveries.

As there are so many manufacturers in the area, all their products need to reach their desired location, whether it be; a storage depot, a retail unit or a customer’s home. Due to the region having a quick and easy link to the M1, a large quantity of products can be transported in lorries down towards London as there are very little products manufactured in the London area itself. This means that trunking drivers are in high demand for making that journey; this is steady and reliable work which is highly sought after in any industry.

Category C+E drivers are in particularly high demand in this area for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there are several large products made in Yorkshire & Humber which need to be transported, such as motorhomes, caravans and remote controlled underwater vehicles. Secondly, when a company produces all its goods in one area it usually also has several storage only warehouses around the country. In order to be cost efficient companies want to ship as many of their goods as possible to these warehouses in one trip.

Both the airports also provide many job opportunities for HGV drivers, delivering to the duty free shops or restaurants, or assisting airside with moving material between hangers or repair sheds.

What sort of salary can I expect in Yorkshire & Humber?

With so much to offer Yorkshire & Humber is a great place to embark on or progress your HGV career. There is a large variety of loads from dry food to chilled, steel products to glass, garden tools to motorhomes. The salaries do, of course, vary – however on the whole, especially for Category C+E drivers, salaries are generous.

To give you an idea of what you could be earning driving HGV or LGV’s in Yorkshire & Humber, we’ve picked out a few jobs which represent the sort of work and pay scales available.

  • C+E Driver – Retail Driver – £15.25 per hour
  • Cat C Driver – Recycling collection – £10 per hour
  • Cat C Driver – Delivery Driver – £12 per hour
  • C+E Driver – Night Deliveries – £495 per week

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