HGV Jobs in the South West

If you’re hunting for HGV jobs in the South West area, then our search pages will give you a comprehensive breakdown of what’s available close to you.

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HGV Jobs in the South West

With one of the UK’s largest logistics companies and nationwide, newspaper distributors the South West has amazing opportunities for an HGV driver looking to get started or advance in their career.

south westAbout the South West

South West England is the largest region of the UK and is made up of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Bristol, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and, also, the Isles of Scilly. There is such a vast amount of different industries right across the region which contribute to the economy.

The South West of England is best known two things; its production of food and drinks such as, cheddar cheese, cream teas, pasties and cider; and for its strong military influence. All of which provide a large amount of work to the area.

Distribution makes up 19% of the work in the South West, this is largely due to the fantastic links to London, particularly for companies situated along the M4. The M5 also provides a valuable link from Exeter to Gloucester, as well as on to the West Midlands. The South West is such a large area it is difficult to summarise all the information. Did you know the tip of Gloucestershire is closer to the Scottish border than it is to the tip of Cornwall! Because of this it can often be easier to look at particular areas within the region one by one, especially when job searching.

Cornwall is home to the Dairy Crest (cheddar cheese), Ginsters (pasties) and Rodda’s (Clotted Cream) production factories. Toshiba is based just outside Plymouth and was the second largest employer in the UK up until 2009 when they moved a lot of the work into Europe.

About a quarter of the region’s most economic production is from Bristol alone. Situated on the M4 corridor with direct links to London this is an extremely accessible and desirable area. The economy in Bristol was traditionally founded on the maritime trade however, since the final closing of the docks in 1992 Bristol now largely relies heavily on aeronautic companies such as Airbus UK, Rolls-Royce (military division) and BAE Systems.

The large coastal line of the South West means that it can gain a lot of trade through fishing. Dairy farming is also very prominent especially in Devon and Dorset. The agricultural development is currently high in this part of the UK however it is on the decline.

There are several large well-known companies based in the South west, some of the largest companies in the area include:

  • Imperial Tobacco
  • Honda UK
  • Smiths News
  • Dairy Crest
  • Merlin Entertainment
  • Wincanton

All off the above as well as hundreds of other companies make the South West of England a great place to find work, and with all that wonderful countryside and great views the tedium of motorway driving will feel like a distant memory.
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Types of HGV jobs available in the South West

Chippenham in Wiltshire has the Head Quarters of Wincanton plc, one of the largest logistics companies in the country. They supply transport and logistics for a variety of products including milk, water, retail goods and manufactured goods. Wincanton provide logistics for several large brands whether it is via road, rail, tanker or assisting with home deliveries. As they are such a large and well known company they are an ideal firm to assist a new driver in gaining their dream career.

There is a large amount of food produced in the area which needs to be transported and therefore there is a high demand for refrigerated vehicle drivers. With temperature depended food such as fish, cream, milk and cheese it is essential that all food is delivered in a timely and efficient manner while staying fresh. Gaining experience as a refrigerated vehicle driver will be extremely advantageous in this area.

A large amount of high street retailers have their main hubs along the M4 corridor, providing easy links to London, some of these include:

  • Hobbycraft
  • New Look
  • W H Smiths
  • Screwfix
  • Clarks
  • Early Learning Centre

The above retailers as well as many, many more provide a large amount of opportunities for retail drivers on both a warehouse to shop or warehouse to customer basis. These types of opportunity are normally flexible on hours including weekend and evening shifts which works well for people who need to fit around family commitments or looking at driving as a second job.

Smiths News is one of the largest employers in the South West. They handle 55% of the UK’s newspaper and magazine market, distributing more than 200,000 tracked deliveries per week. They deliver newspapers and magazines, from 43 distribution centres, all around the country. For those in the South West there is a distinct advantage as 10 of their distribution centres, as well as their head office, are in this region.

What sort of salary can I expect in the South West?

The South West is a great starting point for people getting into the industry or those looking to expand and grown their careers. There is such a wealth of available work in the South West especially with so many dedicated distribution points and salaries are really dependent on experience, however, as a large amount of the companies in the area are in fact nationwide companies, once you get your foot in the door it won’t be long until you are sprinting up the ladder to that high paid driving job you always dreamed of.

To give you an idea of what you could be earning driving HGV or LGV’s in the South West, we’ve picked out a few jobs which represent the sort of work and pay scales available.

  • C+E Driver – Trunking and Shunting – £17.26 per hour
  • Cat C Driver – Parts deliveries – £30,000 p/a
  • Cat C Driver – Refrigerated delivery – £420 per week
  • C+E Driver – Shop front delivery – £15.50 per hour

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