HGV Jobs in the North West

If you’re hunting for HGV jobs in the North West area, then our search pages will give you a comprehensive breakdown of what’s available close to you.

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HGV Jobs in the North West

With car manufacturing, the UK’s largest salt mine and a number of food processing plants in the area, the North West is the ideal hunting ground for HGV Drivers looking for their first HGV driving job. For those looking for something a bit more heavy-duty, the idea of transporting aircraft parts might tip the balance in favour of a C+E job in the North West!

About the North West

The North west is made up of the counties of Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside.

The area has a varied economy but largely the HGV jobs in this area centre around the industrial activities in the area. At Ellesmere Port, for example, there is a Vauxhall factory where cars are manufactured, and Bentley also make cars at their plant in Chester. The area is the home of the UK’s largest salt mine, and Guinness is bottled here. There is a lot of activity in the manufacture of parts and components for engines and road tankers in the region, and there are a number of factories producing items such as toys, furniture, plastics and paper products.

In Greater Manchester and towards Liverpool there is much more of a lean towards food processing, and PG Tips teabags are manufactured here. There is an ice cream factory in the area, and Jaffa Cakes, Penguins and Chocolate Digestives are also produced here. Heinz have their largest food processing plant in Europe at Wigan, which produces 1.4 billion cans of food every year.

In Stockport, aircraft are built and manufactured by BAE Systems, and Royal Navy submarines and ships are made at Barrow-In-Furness. At Carlisle, Pirelli have their main UK tyre plant. Meanwhile, the coast of Cumbria is referred to as the ‘Energy Coast’ because it is home to a power station, gas terminals and an offshore wind farm which is home to some of the largest wind turbines on Earth.
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Types of HGV jobs available in the North West

The industrial focus of the North West makes it a great place to start for an HGV driver looking for a driving job. The two major car manufacturers in the area make C+E car transporter driving jobs abundant, and also provide additional work for Cat C drivers who would be required to bring materials into the plants from elsewhere in the UK, for example metal products or parts.

Salt mining in the area can give great opportunities for short or long distance HGV driving jobs for Category C drivers, who may be needed to drive tippers which can collect, move and distribute the salt, whether to businesses and factories elsewhere in the UK, or to the docks to be shipped overseas.

Food processing plants and bottling plants in the area provide steady work opportunities for Cat C and Cat C+E drivers alike; those with a Cat C licence can expect work on refrigerated vehicles or box wagons taking palletised loads of finished food products to major distribution hubs where they will be taken onward to supermarkets across the UK. C+E licence holders can expect to bring containers of ingredients or packaging materials to the plants from the docks, and take away shipments of bottled and packaged products ready to send overseas.

Manufacturing in the region gives opportunities for heavy haulage drivers in C+E vehicles to take on trunking roles moving engine components, aircraft parts, submarine and ship parts, plastics or paper products to the docks for distribution via sea freight. It also gives opportunities for travel throughout the UK, with some lighter products such as toys and furniture needing to be taken to retailers warehousing spaces for distribution.

The ‘Energy Coast’ also creates demand for HGV drivers to bring supplies and equipment to power plants and gas fields.

What sort of salary can I expect in the North West?

Salaries in the North West vary depending on the type of role you choose. Some of the best salaries in this area are for Category C+E drivers, and having an ADR licence to transport hazardous goods in this area really does pay off. We regularly see a number of roles for C+E drivers with large food and beverage companies such as Kuehne + Nagel and Heinz in this area.

For Cat C drivers, there is an abundance of ‘general haulage’ work in the area, and this gives drivers a high level of flexibility. Many of the vacancies we see state that work is available ‘to suit you’, so if you’re a single parent, or both you and your partner work and struggle to fit your daily work around childcare arrangements, the North West could be a great place to put down roots and base your career.

To give you a rough idea of what’s available, below are some examples of the types of HGV driving jobs available in the North West including the actual salary level they were advertised at when they were posted;

  • Cat C+E Driver – European refrigerated vehicles – £110 per day plus bonuses
  • C+E Driver Weekends – Heinz food plant driver – £16 per hour
  • Cat C Driver – Food processing plant deliveries – £13 per hour
  • Cat C Driver – Palletised loads collection/delivery – £12 per hour

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