HGV Jobs in the North East

If you’re hunting for HGV jobs in the North East area, then our search pages will give you a comprehensive breakdown of what’s available close to you.

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HGV Jobs in the North East

The North East is the hub of the UK chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is also home to manufacturers of oil platforms, ball bearings, cars and wind turbines. With its major port and food processing plants, it’s the ideal place to start looking for a HGV driving job.

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About the North East

The North East of England is made up of Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne & Wear and Teesside. Abundant in salt and coal, the North East has an industrial heritage which dates back 2000 years and has included industries such as shipbuilding, soap production and glass production. Today, the North East is still the centre of the UK Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals industry, with large-scale chemical, plastics and polymer manufacture still being carried out in the area. Ships are still built in the area today at the UK’s biggest dry docks in Hartlepool, which also dismantles and refurbishes oil rigs.

Teesport in North Yorkshire is the UK’s third largest port, handling over 56 million tonnes of domestic and international cargo every single year, coming in on some 6,000 ships. The port is the main hub for the chemical and steel companies in the North East, and handles cargo such as iron ore, potash, salt, steel slab, wood, minerals and containerised freight. A number of large supermarket chains have built major distribution centres around the port, including Asda and Tesco.

At Port Clarence, Wilton Engineering have a 50 acre site where fabrication and construction is carried out for the offshore energy industry. In Middlesborough, there is a major furniture manufacturer. On Teesside, there are a large number of chemical companies, for example the factory producing titanium dioxide at Greatham. The area also has food processing plants, such as the worlds’ largest tea bag factory. Quorn and McCoy’s crisps are also made here, Nestle have a factory east of the A1, and Proctor and Gamble manufacture Hugo Boss aftershave and Nice’N’Easy hair dye in Seaton Delaval.

Elsewhere in this economically diverse region you’ll find companies fabricating things as weird and wonderful as oil platforms, ball bearings, steam turbines, ANPR cameras and, less strangely, cars.
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Types of HGV jobs available in the North East

There are a large number of trunking (long distance driving) roles available in the North East. This is due to the amount of industrial activities in the area, and its proximity to a busy cargo port. Goods and materials come into the port in containers and are collected by C+E drivers for delivery to factories and major distribution hubs. Raw materials produced in the area are taken to the docks for shipping overseas. Because the area is heavily involved with the manufacture of large industrial parts, for example turbines, there are also a number of heavy haulage roles for C+E drivers, as well as car transporter work.

Cat C drivers can expect to find more roles in the food processing sector. HGV driving jobs for Cat C drivers could involve moving food products or ingredients from the docks to the factories in the area. They could also involve taking packaged products to warehouses and food distribution centres. Onwards from there, the products need to be delivered to retailers and supermarkets in the area, which provides more potential roles for keen HGV drivers looking for their first driving job.

HGV driving jobs in the North East tend to be permanent roles, with fixed hours and often working on fixed days of the week. In general drivers looking for more flexible HGV work (for example to work around family commitments) in the area should turn to the various Driver Agencies who are often involved with hiring drivers for large, flexible contracts which can provide different shift patterns, various working days and night or day work. Drivers looking to progress their HGV driving career in the North East should consider car transporter work, or consider gaining add-on licences appropriate to the types of activities in the area, for example a Moffett licence or an ADR licence.

The right employer in the North East will be able to offer a keen, capable HGV driver the opportunity to drive internationally, be involved with sea freight and containerised loads, and give them the opportunity to expand their skill set with ADR training which complements the requirements of the chemical industry in the area.

What sort of salary can I expect in the North East?

Roles in the North East are really varied and the salary you’ll achieve depends on the type of work you’re interested in doing. Generally the best paid roles in this area are heavy haulage or working in food distribution. Generally Cat C drivers can command a really competitive salary but having the added bonus of a C+E licence does give you a little more earning power in this area.

To give you a rough idea of what’s available, below are some examples of the types of HGV driving jobs available in the East of England, including the actual salary level they were advertised at when they were posted;

  • Cat C Driver – Trunking – £25k p/a
  • HGV Driver C+E – Motorsport Europe Driver – £13 per hour
  • C+E Driver – Colliery Collection/Delivery – £13 per hour
  • C+E Driver – Food Products Trunking – £30k p/a
  • Cat C Driver – Distribution Centre – £17 per hour

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