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Whatever HGV driving role you are looking for, if you have a HGV licence your next job could be found right here!

Easy As HGV have access to the very latest HGV jobs throughout the UK. Our list is updated every 24 hours so please check back to view the latest jobs as they become available.

How will Easy As HGV help me find a job as an HGV driver?

Easy As HGV is one of the longest established nationwide HGV training providers in the industry. We’ve got years of experience helping prospective HGV drivers just like you find their first job. Many of the recruitment initiatives offered by our competitors were created by Easy As HGV many years ago, and today we’re still working tirelessly to improve our service to our customers to ensure that getting into that first HGV driving role is stress free and enjoyable.

We believe that our recruitment service starts from the very first time you speak to Easy As HGV, because booking a course with us speaks volumes about the standard, quality and calibre of the training course you will be taking. Easy As HGV’s unique monitoring system ensures that we only place our Trainees with good quality schools whose emphasis is on turning out drivers who can cope with the rigors of a life on the road, are courteous and professional, and really know their stuff. Plus, before you even start your HGV training course, you’ll be in touch with one of our dedicated Team who will become your Personal Training Adviser. Your Adviser will make sure that they have covered all the course options with you, so that even right at the beginning you’ll feel confident that the course you’ve selected is the right one for you. Every single member of our Team has an in-depth, hands-on knowledge of the Industry you’re going into, so they’ll be able to advise you which add-on courses may benefit your career goals.

When you’ve registered with us, your Personal Training Adviser will send you our Starter Pack which includes a booklet showing you the many different recruitment services which are available to you as a customer of Easy As HGV. Many training providers simply provide an online jobs resource, but at Easy As HGV we believe that our interaction with our Trainees should be more personal and specialised. Don’t worry, we provide an online jobs resource too, and you can use the Job Finder at the bottom of this page, but that’s just the start of the many ways we’ll support you into your first job.

  • Personal Training Adviser to identify your career goals and help you book the right courses to achieve them
  • Dedicated, friendly in-house Recruitment Team
  • Bespoke CV building service – even if you don’t have a CV at all, we will create one for you from scratch suitable for the jobs you’re interested in
  • Cover letter writing service
  • Specialised online recruitment tool so you can get yourself in front of Employers quickly
  • Work skills courses tailored to suit the needs of new drivers
  • Great instructional team, committed to getting the best quality driving out of every Trainee
  • Weekly updates of vacancies in your area which fit your search criteria
  • Regular updates of industry news and views to your inbox, keeping you updated throughout your job search
  • We regularly deal with Agencies or Employers who are offering guaranteed interviews or driving assessments, and we’re often contacted by companies looking for large volumes of well-trained drivers quickly. Whenever we get an opportunity like this in your area, you’ll receive a notification directly into your inbox with information on how to apply.
  • We will even print things for you if you don’t have a printer!
  • Plus, use our online job finder to view vacancies in your area updated every 24 hours– you don’t even have to be an Easy As HGV customer to use this service!

We know that searching for a job can be really stressful, which is why we’re committed to keeping our Recruitment Service as simple as possible. You’ll be pleased to hear that we manage to help you in all of the ways listed above with very little effort on your part; you simply give us the information we need, and we’ll do literally everything else for you. Our Recruitment Team will also communicate with you in a way that suits you so that we don’t interrupt your busy week.

The best part? The entire service is FREE when you book with Easy As HGV.

HGV Jobs     HGV Jobs

What sort of jobs could Easy As HGV find me as an HGV Driver?

One of the things we like the most about the UK Logistics sector is the variety and flexibility of work available, and that’s never more true than in road transport. HGV Drivers benefit from increasingly flexible working patterns, meaning that they can often find more time to spend with their families and fit their work around their social commitments. Plus the scope of work is vast – you might be most comfortable making multi-drop deliveries in your local area, but if you’re more adventurous you could be travelling internationally. Below is a list of the sorts of jobs our past Trainees have found themselves doing. Yes, we do get the odd postcard!

  • Driving stage equipment for rock bands internationally (yes, really!)
  • Collecting and delivering vintage cars
  • Local multi-drop delivery driver for a well-known brewery
  • Driving for Racing Team – transporting cars and equipment
  • Driving large horseboxes for national competitions (South East England)
  • Delivering gas bottles throughout the UK for a national energy company
  • Milk tanker driver
  • Heavy haulage driver delivering mining machinery (USA)
  • Heavy haulage driver delivering aircraft parts (UK)
  • Petroleum Tanker Driver (Europe)
  • Delivering and moving large static caravans
  • Car transporter driver (Europe)
  • HGV Recovery Driver nationwide
  • Airport HGV driver (Heathrow)
  • Charity HGV Driver (Africa)

Are HGV driving jobs well paid?

HGV driving is a skilled, specialised career track – everyone who becomes an HGV Driver has been through a challenging training process and has proven driving skills. As such, the wages for HGV driving reflect the skill level, so even a newly qualified Category C driver can expect to earn £25k a year.

Some Trainees want to drive larger lorries as soon as possible, so for those who take on the challenge of the larger Category C+E, the earning potential for the first job starts at £28k.

As you can see from the sorts of jobs our previous Trainees have ended up doing, there are so many different ways that you can specialise as an HGV driver. For example, if you wanted to become a fully qualified ADR driver, transporting combustible fuel products internationally, you could be making £40k a year, whilst retaining the flexibility which comes with a driving role.

As with all careers, experience and dedication to the job often pay off, and drivers who have put in the effort and hours with an Employer will often be rewarded with increased salaries. Plus, as your Employers’ respect for you grows, it’s not unusual to be asked to undertake more complicated and better paid work for the same company. We hear countless stories of drivers starting with a company on an entry-level salary, earning their Managers’ respect, and being promoted. Sometimes Employers will even provide the training to get you qualified to take on the next challenge, for example putting you through a hazardous goods course, or giving you SAFED (Safe & Fuel Efficient Driving) training.

Beyond HGV driving the possibilities are endless, with HGV drivers taking on diverse Logistics roles including Management, Planning, Resourcing or even starting their own businesses.

How much does the training cost?

To find out more about HGV training prices, call our friendly Team today on 0800 970 8447, register to receive your FREE information pack, or visit our HGV Training Prices page.