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The Samsung Safety Truck – Gimmick or Genius?

Last month we looked at the the self-driving trucks that seem to be looming in the not so distant future. Well, this time we’re going to take a look at another futuristic style innovation, albeit this time addressing an issue...  Read more

A Quick Guide to a Career as an HGV Driver

We’ve spoken in the past about the shortage of qualified HGV drivers within the UK industry and how there is a new emphasis on making a career as an HGV driver more appealing to younger members of the workforce who...  Read more

Driver-less Trucks – Welcome to the Future

The future, it would seem, has arrived, with the announcement of trials in Nevada of the first road- tested driver-less truck. That’s right, a driver-less truck – a truck that can drive itself. Ok, so this sounds all a bit...  Read more

Improving Unplanned Downtime Through Online Connections

Unplanned downtime has long since been one of the haulage industry’s major operational hazards, bringing with it a range of negative side-effects from the inconvenience of the driver and loss of earnings to oppressive costs in repairs and rescheduling and...  Read more

HGV Speed Limits On The Increase

    April finally saw the implementation of the increase to speed limits for heavy goods vehicles across the UK, following last year’s announcement from the Government. The new limits came into force on the 6th April, marking the first...  Read more

How to Stay Alert When Driving

Let’s be honest – those long haul drives can take their toll on body and mind can’t they? Whether early in the morning, through the day or into the night, when you’re rolling along the motorway with a full haul...  Read more

6 Classic Trucking Moments from Film and TV

Ok, so when most people think of trucking their mind tends towards the big open roads of the US of A; some giant 18 wheeler rolling along a highway across a desert landscape rather than a cold and wet February...  Read more

The Driver Shortage Crisis – Raising the Profile of the Industry

The great hot potato that is driver shortage in the HGV and haulage industries was uppermost in the mind again this March. First up we saw the issue front and centre at the FTA Summit with ‘Solving the Driver Crisis’...  Read more

Are You a Fuel Efficient Driver?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got one vehicle or manage a fleet, the amount of fuel you consume is a huge factor in your business with costs running anywhere from 30 to 45% of your overall operating expense. Add to...  Read more

Why Future HGV’s Will Be Epic

The ideal HGV vehicle has been years in the making, unfortunately we aren’t quite there yet. There will always be something that needs to be improved as the way we travel around the world changes and new challenges arise. However,...  Read more