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6 Classic Trucking Moments from Film and TV

Ok, so when most people think of trucking their mind tends towards the big open roads of the US of A; some giant 18 wheeler rolling along a highway across a desert landscape rather than a cold and wet February...  Read more

The Driver Shortage Crisis – Raising the Profile of the Industry

The great hot potato that is driver shortage in the HGV and haulage industries was uppermost in the mind again this March. First up we saw the issue front and centre at the FTA Summit with ‘Solving the Driver Crisis’...  Read more

Are You a Fuel Efficient Driver?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got one vehicle or manage a fleet, the amount of fuel you consume is a huge factor in your business with costs running anywhere from 30 to 45% of your overall operating expense. Add to...  Read more

Why Future HGV’s Will Be Epic

The ideal HGV vehicle has been years in the making, unfortunately we aren’t quite there yet. There will always be something that needs to be improved as the way we travel around the world changes and new challenges arise. However,...  Read more

How to Test a Truck – Using a Hamster, a Ballerina and Van Damme

Volvo really have a way of making a statement when it comes to showcasing the features of their heavy goods vehicles.  We decided to take the best of their truck ads and put them all together here for you.  Oh,...  Read more

15 of the Most Useful Driving Gadgets

We all love our gadgets and gizmos; over the past decade they have been engraved in our brains. Whether it’s our smart phones that we carry everywhere we go, or the SatNav on our dashboard that stops us from getting...  Read more

How to Become a HGV Driver

Following on from our post about Britain’s need for HGV drivers, we thought we’d make things easier for prospective drivers by providing a step by step guide on becoming a HGV driver. From why to choose this career, to the...  Read more

Britain Needs HGV Drivers

It has been publicised recently that the UK logistics industry is facing a major skills gap, leaving an estimated 30,000 driver vacancies to be filled. We have created the infographic below to highlight the growing need for HGV drivers. Although...  Read more

12 Weird And Wonderful Things HGV Drivers Transport

HGV drivers get to transport a wide range of different things. Some of the cargo they transport is more fascinating and glamorous than you might think. Lots of different things need to be transported from one place to another, they...  Read more

What music do UK drivers listen to the most? – it’s not One Direction!

When over 30,000 drivers were asked who they listen to most on the road, I don’t think the answer was ever going to be One Direction but did anyone expect Queen to run away with the win in such extreme...  Read more